Mobile Marketing for Non-Profits – Is Your Organization Engaged Yet?

Mobile marketing is the method of using consumers’ desire to use their mobile phones for everything to your best interest. As a nonprofit organization, it is up to you to find ways to engage your audience. By making the process of getting involved or donating simplistic for them, you increase the chances that you will get a donation. Ultimately, if a potential volunteer or donor visits your site through their phone and they cannot connect, they are unlikely to come back to it later. You cannot afford that loss.

Make Your Site Mobile

The first step in any mobile marketing campaign is to make your website or blog easy to navigate with a smartphone, iPad or other type of Internet-access tool. This means that the display needs to fit into the smaller screen size. While you may not need a total redesign, you should invest the time in having a mobile site or app created for your organization.

Are Donations Possible?

When an earthquake hit Haiti, people learned of a new way to donate to their favorite charity. With a simple text message sent to a specific phone number, they could easily donate anywhere from $1 to $10 or more to a cause they supported. This method raised millions for the victims. The same can happen for your organization. By making it possible to give with ease, more people will do so. They do not want to go through a dozen steps to get to where they need to be to donate. Apps can help, but so can just having a simplistic method available on your mobile site.

Apps Are Learning Tools

Are you an organization supporting an illness or disease? Ensure you have an app that teaches prospective site visitors about the condition and the symptoms to watch for. Is your organization one that provides support to children in impoverished areas? Ensure your app teaches people about the area and the reasons for the problem. Apps are easily to design and they can be one of the best resources for accessing your team.

Advertise It Too

Whatever you do, be sure to tell people about your app or the fact that they can easily log into your site from their mobile phone. For example, if an ad is playing on a local commercial for your organization, include information about your app. People watching it, no matter if they are in a restaurant or at home, always have a phone near them. They can tap into the Internet in moments and get to your site to learn more. They do not have to remember it. That is a key component to nonprofit marketing today.

As a nonprofit organization, a lot is at stake if you cannot communicate with your prospective buyers about the options available to you. Luckily, this may be easier to do than you realize. Mobile app creation, mobile website development, and effective mobile marketing methods are within reach of many organizations. You should take the steps to implement this method and you could see a significant improvement in your bottom line.

By Tillman Marketing

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