Marketing Trends in the Nonprofit Sector

Marketing Trends in the Nonprofit Sector

As a nonprofit organization, it is up to you to tell people about your product or service and why it should matter to them. That’s easier said than done in today’s society. One way to bound ahead of the competition is to simply look at what they are doing and do it better. Do you know the latest trends in marketing in the nonprofit sector?

A Shift to Volunteerism

One thing we are seeing is a significant change in is volunteerism. People want to offer what they can to help out the person suffering. Those organizations able to market themselves in such a way as to attract volunteers, rather than just asking for money, may get more interest than those that want to help.

Technological Advances

From texting donations through smartphone applications to managing social networks, the world of technology is aiding nonprofit organizations in achieving big things. Today’s consumer wants to donate and get involved, but they want to do it in a way that’s easier for them. That means being accessible through the iPad and the Internet with ease.

People Want to Know Why?

Why are these people suffering? What will the money be used for? What will the money achieve? Why should I get involved? These are the questions many are asking in the hopes of engaging in the charity or organization. People are not blindly writing checks. They are becoming increasingly interested in engaging in the industry and learning about it first. By educating your potential donor, you enable that type of engagement to occur.

Everyone Is Participating

There is a lot of talk about how reduced economic conditions throughout the United States and globally is affecting the way that people give. People are still generous, but their pockets may not be as deep. In short, nonprofit agencies that make it possible to give in a smaller way or even to just allow volunteer work, are going to get attention. Engaging every demographic is a key factor here. Everyone wants to help. Offer ways to allow every demographic to participate.

Companies Need the Good Image Benefit

Companies that donate to nonprofit organizations get a bit of PR from it. Many companies are looking for ways to donate and get big results. Therefore, those organizations that can effectively market themselves as being problem solvers, aid givers and emotionally strong organizations are going to get donations. For example, instead of giving millions to big name charities, some companies are looking for smaller organizations built on individual stories of suffering. This gets attention today, not big donations to big charity organizations.

Overall, marketing is a key component to any type of nonprofit activity, but doing it in the right way can make all of the difference. Ultimately, it takes knowing who your audience is and engaging those people in the right way to get results. The audience has changed, though. The marketing methods are increasingly becoming digital. Yet, the willingness to give remains the same in nearly all demographics.


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