Pinterest – Pinning with a Nonprofit Interest

Pinterest may be the newest of the social media marketing methods but it is anything but the least important to your nonprofit marketing campaign. In fact, it may be one of the most interesting of marketing methods you use. The results could be fantastic. The company behind it states that Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows users to pin anything and everything they want to a virtual corkboard. It allows users to then share these images and sites with other people following them on the site. If you do not think it belongs in your social media marketing campaign, think again.

How Can You Make It Work?

To make this social media site work for you, you will need to connect with and interact with other users similar to any other social media site. There are three ways to do this. You can repin, make comments, and follow others. For example, when a user repins another user’s pinned pictures, a notification is sent. That drives people back to the site pinned.

Comments Shared

Another strategy to consider is to make comments. If you say something insightful and useful in the comments of a pinned picture, others reading it can click on it and be taken to the website you have selected. In short, it can drive website traffic to your site.

Minimize the Social Media Self Promotion

Like other sites, it is not a good idea to invest in a lot of self-promotion on the site. Therefore, what you want to do is to build a relationship of trust with those people who follow your nonprofit organization. For example, you may want to showcase the work you’ve done to help someone with a helpful picture. Pin this and share it with those following you. If the story is real and pulls at the strings of others, it will be shared and that means more interest in your organization. No self-promotional content is going to do well on social media.

Follow Others

With social media, what you do to market yourself is minimal compared to your ability to follow the right people. Using the tools provided network through the site to ensure you are building a strong following. Follow others and engage with them. The more you use the site, the more likely your follower base will grow. Of course, in order for this to happen, you need to engage people in an interesting manner.

Social media sites like Pinterest work well in several ways. They can help your organization to get attention and even donations. They work to build a brand image, too. Use them wisely and they can help your no-name organization to become one with far more power and prominence in the world. Ultimately, the success you have with this social media site depends on your skill, knowledge, and consistency in using it. It is just one part, though, of the larger marketing campaign of any organization. As a nonprofit, embracing social media is necessary for you to grow and expand your reach.


By Tillman Marketing

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