Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas That Work

Do you need to raise money for your organization? As non-profit, generating funds is one of the key components to success. No matter what type of project you have or how good the cause, it is not good enough without the right marketing and fundraising ideas to bring in the money you need. It does not have to be difficult to find the funds you need. You just need to be creative or hire the right people to do the work for you.

Fundraising Online

One of the key ways many non-profit organizations are turning heads and getting funds is by focusing on online efforts. Funding profitable organizations takes both social media expertise and skilled marketing plans that can connect you with the millions of people online who may be interested in your cause. Look at these ways to use the Internet to build towards your goals.

  • Build a website to educate the public about your cause and your needs. Even those who learn about your organization offline are easily able to log onto your site to gather more information. Be sure you can accept donations through it. 
  • Use Facebook to educate the masses. You can use paid advertising to do this or just network with those who contribute with you. Sponsor a Facebook sharing contest to get more attention for your cause. 
  • Twitter and tweet some more. Twitter is a fantastic tool for connecting with people. Use it to get in connection with a famous sports player or other celebrity. It could make all of the difference. 
  • Do you have a unique cause or something people do not know much about? Share it through a blog. Blogging drives traffic to websites and it can also be a great way for you to get links into your website. 
  • Get more links. The more links on blogging websites that you get, the easier it will be for you to produce the results you want. Ultimately, you’ll want to network with other bloggers and organizations to get the word out and get people to your site. 
  • Be active in the community. Are there forums, message boards, or other groups that you can belong to online? If so, get involved and always use a link to your website as help. 
  • Focus on low cost opportunities including word of mouth. Ask others to share your site. 
  • Get information to the public through YouTube. You can create videos, which are highly shareable to get attention. 
  • Network through LinkedIn and other professional organizations to get more attention to your cause. 
  • Be the go-to source for information and education on your topic. Do this through quality content on your site. 

Not Online Options

There are plenty of offline options available to help you too. Take a look at the following options that can help you to get more awareness:

  • Sponsor a walk in your neighborhood. 
  • Use car banners to let others know about your organization and cause, not to mention your website. 
  • Connect with local doctors for educational events and seminars to help with the public’s need. 
  • Turn to local schools for help raising awareness for your cause through canned food drives or printer cartridge drop offs. 
  • Turn to local companies for help. For example, ask the company to run a holiday event to benefit your organization. 
  • Get in the news. Submit press releases about the events taking place in your organizations to raise awareness. 
  • Ask local churches to sponsor an event in your organization’s name. 
  • Ask the chamber of commerce to guide you in finding the best possible organizations to network with to develop a solid foundation. 
  • Use flyers are events to provide contact information for your event to the public. 
  • Become the go-to figure in your area for this cause.

Non-profit fundraising has to be creative and complete. Invest in numerous ideas like these to get results.

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